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Lovely experience

Lovely experience

I hired a car from Plymouth to Liverpool, and though I was worried about the ride, but I found it to be quite smooth. Firstly, my driver was there on time. A very pleasant guy who was handy at helping me with carrying my bags from my flat to the car. All the way...

Had to travel during lockdown

I was nervous as I had to travel during lockdown for my job. The driver from cars exec was wearing a mask and opened the door so I didn’t have to touch the door handle. There was a screen between him and I and WiFi in the car so that I could continue to work. The same...

Life saver!

Another car service let us down at the last minute, so these guys helped us out in picking up an important client from Heathrow with very little notice – life saver.

They are reliable

Had to get our team members to the airport as a group, we have used Cars Exec a couple of times. They are reliable and I am told have a very comfortable car. Boss was very happy too!

Everyone was happy with the service

Clients of mine wanted to travel by car rather than flying, so I used Cars Exec to drive them from Scotland down to England. Everyone was happy with the service, so thank you.